About Us

Our Mission & Vision

For Lee County. For The United States Of America.
The Lee County Republican Executive Committee is dedicated to electing Republicans who are committed to turning our Constitutional and core conservative values into effective public policy. We will educate and motivate people to volunteer and work as a unified party to support candidates whose values, principles, and ethics coincide with those of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee.

Educate, Energize, and Expand the Republican Party of Lee County

What We Believe In

The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America

 Liberty through Limited Government

 Balanced Budgets and Fiscal Responsibility

 Transparency in Government

 Equal Rights, Opportunities, and Justice for All

 Free Market Capitalism

 Dignity through Personal Responsibility

 Preservation of Innocent Life, Faith, and Family Values

Strong National Defense

 Responsible Stewardship of the Environment

The Sovereignty of the United States of America

LCREC Elected Officers and State Committee Members

Jonathan Martin


Doris Cortese


Missi Lastra


Andrew Sund


Nancy McGovern

State Committeewoman

Matt Caldwell

State Committeeman